Push messages to Samsung Smart TV?

Coming from Domoticz, where I quickly got bored, and haven’t really done anything interesting, Home Assistant for some reason got my interest back in home automation and scripting.

I’ve been going through the different electronics I have, mostly 433mhz stuff, but I’m slowly acquiring some Z-wave sensors, “MOVEZ” for the rolling blinds are ordered, and I’m just trying to get things simplified, and talking to each other.

I have the Logitech Harmony Ultimate (with hub) which I’ll try to integrate, I’m also thinking about importing the Google Home when it hits UK, so I might be able to do something fun here. (Start “Chromecast” activity, then send to Chromecast).

This led me into thinking about my “Smart TV”;
My good old 55" Samsung Smart TV, 2011, D8005. Is there anything cool I can do with this thing?
The Smart TV section of it was outdated before it was put in production, always being a slow bastard not really capable of anything when compared to my Kodi (then XBMC) setup.
But, I was thinking - Is there any way I can push messages on screen to my TV?
I know there is a possibility to do this with Kodi, but while the TV is being used, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m using Kodi.

So can I do this?


  • Wifi/Z-wave timer on the kitchen rings (sends message/countdown to TV)
  • Baby Monitor (noticed movement)

(Btw, anything fun you can do with Philips Event SCD860 Baby Monitor? couldn’t find anything)

I did find this referred from the Domoticz forum: iSamsungTV
Not sure how this would work with HA, or if it really does work with D-series TV’s (I’ve heard C was the last to support popup messages).

Would appreciate any information regarding communication with TV’s.

I’m pretty sure there was a thread here just the other day about this. Short version - the last version of their TVs that supported it was the C series. Nothing since has that capability.

Damnit, I think you’re right.
I got iSamsungTV to work, send volume up/down, no problems, but couldn’t get any messages on screen. It says that it would work on C and D series only, but I’m not so sure D-series work after testing, and what you are confirming as well.

Are there any other ways outside Kodi?

I have a Yamaha RX-A1020 receiver connected to that TV, can you make it send messages to the screen?

Why can’t everything just be perfect and work :stuck_out_tongue:

The only other way I can think of would involve something sat between your HDMI input and the TV. That could then add an overlay to the video stream.

I don’t actually know anything that you could use to do that though, I just know it’s possible (because that’s how things like the X-Box One, and various other devices, work).