Push Notifications Confusion


So here is one for you!
My partner and I both have the Home Assistant iOS app and we use push notifications for various things. They work perfectly.

We are running on 4G mobile broadband so no duckdns and no access from the outside (yet).
I can send a push notification to my partners phone when she is in another country and will get it yet I take my phone off the local WIFI and I don’t get anything.

How is that doing it? Is it a function of home assistant cloud? Other thing is why isn’t my phone working if it works on her one?


I’m not really sure but I did notice that when my main internet providor is down and it fails over to the 4G modem I can still receive push messages from my HA server when outside my local network but I can not view the front end (via duckdns) from outside the network.

I know it has something to do with cellular providers using CGNAT but am not sure how the push messages still arrive. Must have something to do with HA being able to reach the push message server through the CGNATed network. As soon as you leave your local network you no longer have access to this.


The push messages still arrive because your phone maintains a persistent connection to Apple’s APNS. So if your phone goes from wifi to cellular connection (because you left the house or your internet goes down), then your phone automatically re-establishes the connection with APNS.

So as long as both HA and your phone can see APNS (regardless of the connections each has), then you’ll receive them just fine.


The way your partner’s phone is working is how it’s supposed to work. Yours is the anomaly. Are you both using iPhones with the HA companion app installed?


Hey cheers man for the info.
I’m not sure why my one is playing up. Just tried it again this morning and its working.

I love how you show people things and Home Assistant won’t work.
Ask for help and it works just fine haha.


Did you restart the app or update the push settings in the app?


I did almost everything.
I was on the beta of the Home Assistant app up until a week or so ago. That could have mucked it up. Not sure.
I do remember updating the push settings…

Sorry I can’t be specific