Push notifications not working for a single device

We have two iPhones and two iPads. All but one iPhone can receive push notifications as of a few days ago. I updated HA recently but can’t be sure whether they stopped working before/after that.

Notifications were working previously but no longer work. I confirmed that notifications are enabled in iOS, i’ve reset the push ID and restarted HA, I’ve logged out of the mobile app and deleted the device in HA and readded, etc. In the HA notifications section, permission is set to enabled. Nothing seems to get the device to show notifications.

What’s weird though, is the device is actually receiving the notification but not displaying anything anywhere. In the Rate Limits section, I can see the numbers increasing for Attempts/Delivered/Total. The errors number is still zero. In the iOS notifications section, the HA app has every notification option checked (allow critical, allow notifications, lock screen/notification center / banners, badges, sounds, etc.) The HA notification options look identical to all the other devices.

Is there some setting somewhere that I’m missing? I’ve never had problems with this device previously.

Eventually got it working, just kept uninstalling the app, removing all mentions of my iphone from HA, and reinstalling.