Push notifications quit working, new entity for iPhone was created after updating to 0.114.0

I really wish the backend configuration stuff could be left alone as much as possible because it’s really not beneficial when automations have to be constantly reworked. If I’d known 0.114.0 was going to require the creation of a new entity for every phone connected to my system, I would have just passed on updating. That’s neither here nor there at this point.

I have added the newly created garnern2_iphone_2 and so on device trackers to every person and removed the garnern2_iphone device trackers, and most of my automations are working. I am NOT, however, getting push notifications, even though the various categories show up in the companion app.

What am I missing and how can I begin to troubleshoot?

I have the same problem, no notifications after update.

Tried removeing the integration, app etc.

Same issues here… I just realized that it wasnt working.

Same here and to be honest this is becoming a really big inconveniance. This is the second time all my notifications have stopped working and I didn’t even notice for some hours or even days.

Any ideas somebody?

I field a WTH for notifications- as overall, I think mobile notifications are one of the worst documented and seemingly the most brittle pieces of hass.

My notifications aren’t working after updating also… looking forward to a solution!

The notification ID in the app recently was forced to be re-registered due to the app changing owners. This was documented. However, an issue was escalated to the host of the notifications (Firebase I think?) and the feedback was basically that every old app notification ID was now expired and needed to be re-registered. Go to the developer tools > services on the front end and see if the " notify.mobile_..." service exists. If it doesn’t, then you need to re-register the app on your phone. If it does, but doesn’t actually send a notification, you might need to restart HA and try again.

To re-register you go into the app configuration menu > notifications > reset. Then reboot your HA server so the new ID goes into affect. Then test it by going to the developer tools tab and calling the notify service to your device.

Go look at the blog section, there was a blog post about the app changing owners. I don’t remember where I first saw the notification issue posted, I think on github, but the issue was identified and communicated on a “service status” page run for the purpose of reporting notification service outages.

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The problem is that none of that works. I got the new push ID, and I have reset it and restarted HA numerous times trying to fix this.

Debugging on the forums is difficult but you should, if restarting the HA instance doesn’t help, try a few of the following:

  • Make sure Notification permission is enabled in the app’s App Configuration > Notifications screen. This is important to check because if you deleted and reinstalled the app at all this will revert to Disabled.
  • Delete any Integrations for mobile_app, especially if you have more than one for the same device; after doing so, restart the app (so it reintegrates), then restart HA (so notify.* reloads).

If neither of these work for you, there’s something going on that I am not sure what it is. It will be useful to see: do you see any errors in HA when notifying, does the notify service exist.

Unfortunately a lot of the problems here stem from the notify services not being updated after HA is started, and Firebase being ridiculous about this push identifier stuff - the underlying Apple Push ID hasn’t changed at all despite the team change, it’s exclusively Firebase being annoying for no good reason.


I found a way to fix this, rename the phone in settings - about, reset ha app on phone and everything works on the new name in home assistant

Delete any Integrations for mobile_app, especially if you have more than one for the same device; after doing so, restart the app (so it reintegrates), then restart HA (so notify.* reloads).

Thank you - that did the trick.
My exact steps where:
Close all Apps on all Phones and Tablets.
Remove all Phone and Table Integrations
Restart HA
Open App on Phone
See new integration
Restart HA
Notification-System can be used again.

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Renaming the device and finding success is an indication that there’s some mobile_app entries you can delete to make it work as well. The notify service for mobile_app doesn’t handle duplicate names, so this is the root of some of the problems.

I’ve tried to delete mobile devices, and maybe it’s just me, but the option seems to be missing. Or maybe I’m blind. That is very possible too :wink:

There you go :smiley:

delete device

I tried to hit the “delete” button, but the integration is still there with duplicated devices…
I also tried to comment #mobile_app in configuration.yaml

EDIT: solved, after deleting the integration, you have to delete the devices one by one (still in the integration view)

Now notifications are working again for me

Just adding my solution here as well;

First off: I removed the Integration in HA.
Then, I noticed that in my iPhone, at notifications (iOS: Settings > Notifications ), the home assistant APP wasn’t present anymore so i couldnt give it permission (or take it away).
So in my home assistant app I hit App Configuration > and at the bottom I hit RESET (not the frontend cache, but the one above that).
After that I closed the app, opened it, and reconfigured the app.

Notifications got back to normal again.


Ya, that’s what I ended up having to do too.