Push Notifications to two phones

Is it possible sending HA push messages to two subscibers e.g. mobiles?

Via Telegram or other service


Look at html5 push component

I don’t want to make HA accesible outside as for HTML5 component.

Any other solutions?

Are they Android phones?

MQTT. This still require some external or external accessible server

I use email to text message. This was OK.
I preffer this over MQTT since most MQTT app for receive message do not function in manner I like

You can use telegram to as many users as you want, and you can group them too. Doesn’t require an open port.

Here’s mine…

  platform: polling
  api_key: !secret telegram_bot_api_key
  parse_mode: html
    - !secret telegram_bot_chat_id_mf
    - !secret telegram_bot_chat_id_ls

  - platform: telegram
    name: mf
    chat_id: !secret telegram_bot_chat_id_mf

  - platform: telegram
    name: ls
    chat_id: !secret telegram_bot_chat_id_ls

  - platform: group
    name: adults
      - service: mf
      - service: ls