Pushbullet listener


I see pushbullet listener was merged some months ago, but when I check my pushbullet.py in the components folder, none of the changes are present. And the pushbullet documentation only mentions ability of sending notifications out, but nothing on how to act on received notifications to the HA server.

I’d really like to use a PB message as a trigger or condition for something, any idea if it’s possible to configure it currently? Or what happened to those merged changes?


The Pull request you mentioned was closed but not merged. Feel free to open a new PR.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t know enough about HA to be confident in making a PR. I just started playing with it today.

I copied the raw of that commit and attempted to run the .py from my console (edited in my apikey) to see if it even registers the HA server as a device on PB and nothing happened. Can you test those changes too or tell me how do to test them properly in accordance with how HA uses components?

I just played around with it some more and still not able to get the HA server to register as a device, did you have any luck with it?

@luxus It looks like you were trying to get the commit merged, is it still working for you at all? I can’t it to register as a device on PB. What is the config suppose to look like?

nobody interested in this then?

I’ve been following the topic - I guess that counts as interest. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I can’t add anything. It would be nice to be able to trigger via pushbullet though.

I definitely want this feature as well. And I think once you explain to others what it can do, there may be more interest.

It looks like the author (kai) was active as of several months ago, so maybe we can reach out to him for help.