Pushbullet- No notifications on iOS10?

I just setup Pushbullet notifications and it works, but I don’t get any “real” notifications on my iPhone (iOS10), I have to open the app to see them. Is this the expected behavior?
If so, is there any other way to accomplish sending “real” notifications so my phone vibrates and the text just “pops up”?

I tried pushbullett to but didn’t get the pop up I was looking for. Could have been a settings issue but I found the SMTP notify component and haven’t looked back.

I opened a new HA named gmail and setup the component. HA uses the HA gmail and sends to my regular email which instantly pops up as a notification on my phone.

I like that I can see its from HA instantly (due to the sender email) and by tailoring the subject line you can see what the issue is quickly. If you want more detail it can be put in the body of the e-mail.

Just one of many solutions but figured I would share my experience.

I actually just got it working, I signed out from the Pushbullet app and back in again, then the native (vibration + alert) notifications started working.

Ah, thank you- I had the same issue with the Android version of Pushbullet, and a sign out and back in fixed it for me as well.