Pushbullet not reliable

Hi all,

I have a few automations, that send me a notification via pushbullet whenever I leave and return home, among other things. Lately Pushbullet has become sporadically unreliable. Sometimes I will receive a notification and sometimes I won’t. I can tell the automations are triggering as the rest of the automation has completed, however the notification is not received. How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

I prefer telegram right now

I’ll look into Telegram, but they’re having issues with Apple due to the Russian government wanting user’s encryption keys.

I have seen Pushbullet notifications coming up on my Android phone rather reliably but sometimes they are delayed on my Android tablet or the PC - no idea where that could come from, though.

Maybe it is really getting time to look at an alternative.

That’s interesting. I was unaware of Apple blocking their updates currently.

Viva la Android