Pushbullet suddenly not working; Says account has not been used for over month!

I’ve been using Pushbullet for notifications for well over a year now without problem. I mainly use it for notifying me when the alarm system has been activated and deactivated which happens daily. Last week I noticed that I wasn’t getting any notifications. I dug a little deeper and found this error in the log:

Notify failed: {"error":{"code":"invalid_request","type":"invalid_request","message":"Account has not been used for over a month.","cat":"(=xェx=)"},"error_code":"invalid_request"}

I can’t understand what’s going on here as I use the account everyday. I don’t always open the app to read the message as the Android notifications are sufficient and I just swipe them away though I do open the app occasionally. I logged into the Pushbullet web app as well as opened the Android app yesterday, restarted HASS and I’m still getting this error.

Has anyone had this problem before and know the solution? Is there a comparable notification system that someone could suggest if there is no solution?


I’ve not used Pushbullet for that long (only a few months) so can’t comment on that error. But I’ve started to switch everything over to iOS notifications as I can actually take actions from the notifications.
If you have an iOS device, that’s the way I’d go. Let me know if you want to know more

I stumbled upon the solution: when pushbullet complians about the month timeout, create a new Application + API token and use that.
Just regenerating the token is not enough.

Also, I regenerated the user token. After both were changed (and updated in the home automation) Pushover stopped complaining.

I have now added a weekly “keepalive” message to ensure the service is at least used once a week. So that it will not easily expire again :slight_smile:

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