Pushing data to RF Bridge

Hi - my daily cry for help- i am trying to accelerate my learning so posting more than I usually do on forums. I almost have things where i need them to start ‘automating’ - but a few things remain. One of them is sending i signal to an RF device via RF bridge. I have the opposite working - can intercept RF buttons / motion sensors and do ‘stuff’ - but i have an RF doorbell ( Mrs S rings it to get me in from the workshop ). I’ve captured the RF Code from the push button, RFKey1 on the TAsmota firmware screen / has ‘learned’ this code, so when i hit ‘1’ on the tasmota page - the bell rings - but I can’t work out what MQTT message to send to the RF bridge to simulate this - ie - ring the bell with an MQTT command. Dont need the full answer - just some pointers - i have MQTT box and can see the message when press the RF button and when i press ‘1’ on tasmota, i see the following MQTT message

{"RfKey1":"Learned sent"}

**qos**  : 0,  **retain**  : false,  **cmd**  : publish,  **dup**  : false,  **topic**  : stat/bridge/RESULT,  **messageId**  : ,  **length**  : 45,  **Raw payload**  : 1233482102751011214934583476101971141101011003211510111011634125

BUt i don’t know what to send frmo an MQTT publisher to do the same thing . Thanks folks!

Unbelievable - seems i have to post a question here to enable me to find the solution myself. Been trying for a few hours -ask for help, and the penny drops - sorted


It’s that simple - that works via MTQQ box, so just need ot hook it into HA now.