Pushing Z-Wave Network Replication to Secondary Controller

I’m using a Ri 3B+ with Hass . io and just updated to 0.82.

I’ve got a Leviton VRC0P-1LW Z-Wave-serial secondary controller that I want to use to integrate with my Elk-M1 panel.

  1. The VRC0P is in the OpenZWave list of devices, yet it pairs as Unknown, yet seems to have a complete definition in the config file. Where can I find the list of supported devices in Hass . IO?

  2. The VRC0P controller does not Request a Network Replication, like my Intermatics HA07, rather you put the Controller in pairing mode and push the network to it. I see there is a “ReplicationSend” command in the OpenZwave documentation.

I don’t see that ReplicationSend service in HA. How do I replicate my Z-Wave network to this secondary controller?