Pushover question

I setup Pushover to notify me on two iphones. Does anyone know how I go about splitting up notifying to each device?
Right now I’m sending messages to “dave” which is my Iphone and it also goes to my other one too.

Are you doing it like this?

- service: notify.entity_id
        message: "This is the message"
        title: "Title of message"
        sound: pianobar
        priority: 0
        target: dave

This is what I have in the configuration.

  - platform: pushover
    name: Dave
    api_key: my key
    user_key: my key

Then one of my automations:

  - alias: Door Lock
      platform: state
      entity_id: lock.kwikset_touchpad_electronic_deadbolt_locked_8_0
      from: 'unlocked'
      to: 'locked'
        condition: state
        entity_id: input_boolean.notify_home
        state: 'off'
      service: notify.Dave
        title: "Front Door Locked"
        message: "Locked"

This always sends to both my devices.

Right. You need to use target. Target corresponds to whatever the device is called in your Pushover account page.