Puzzling Notify Behavoir

I installed notify Pushbullet and Pushover, and they both worked OK. I then added notify Gmail - and that worked OK. I now find the I don’t have Pushbullet anymore. Does anyone know why, please?

## Pushbullet
  - name: pushbullet
    platform: pushbullet
    api_key: !secret pushbullet_api
## Pushover
  - platform: pushover
    name: pushover
    api_key: !secret pushover_api
    user_key: !secret pushover_user
  - name: gmail
    platform: smtp
    server: smtp.gmail.com
    port: 587
    timeout: 15
    sender: [email protected]
    encryption: starttls
    username: [email protected]
    password: !secret gmail_password
    recipient: [email protected]
    sender_name: Jim Ford