PVVX MiThermometer Display


I’m trying to use one of my Xiaomi MiThermometer LYWSD03MMC as a display for a MAX6675 K-Type Thermocouple Temperature Sensor.

The value of the MAX6675 sensor is already in Home Assistant. So this esp32 has to read this value and send it to the MiThermometer display.

I want to always display the MAX6675 temperature in the MiThermometer.

The code I’m using is:

- mac_address: "--:--:--:--:--:--"
  id: temp_horno

- platform: homeassistant
  name: "Temperatura Horno"
  id: temp_hornoHA
  entity_id: sensor.temperatura_horno

- platform: pvvx_mithermometer
  ble_client_id: temp_horno
  update_interval: 10s
  validity_period: 60s
  time_id: homeassistant_time
  auto_clear_enabled: false
  lambda: |-

With this code the temperature of the MAX6675 is displayed, but toggles with the MiThermometer temperature.
I tried modifying update_interval, validity_period and auto_clear_enabled but nothing seems to change. It shows 10 seconds of one, and 10 seconds of the other-one approx.

Is there a way to always show the desired value?

thanks for any help!

Maybe that helps:

The pvvx firmware refreshes the screen periodically (can be set as minimum LCD refresh rate in the firmware configuration). By default, the internal sensor data and, if available and valid (validity_period), the external data are switched every 2.5 s. Further firmware configuration makes it possible to activate other display modes such as time and battery status. The firmware configuration can be changed via browser using TelinkMiFlasher.html.

From PVVX MiThermometer Display — ESPHome

Thanks for answering, I’ll be cheking the configuration in the TelinkMiFlasher site on the flashed MiThermometer when I get home.
I also found this
I leave it here so I try it later.

Will update if I get it to work.