[pycec] Not initialized. Waiting for init. error persists in 38.1

Ever since updating from .36, I have been getting the below error when trying to load the HDMI CEC component. I ended up downgrading from .37 back to .36 to avoid this.

I was hoping it was finallly fixed but alas Im still getting it in .38.1. Is there a seperate fix for this or anyway to get HDMI CEC to work?

Running a Hassbian 1.1 install. Prior to updating, the HDMI was working perfectly with no errors.

17-02-12 07:43:29 WARNING (Thread-15) [pycec] Not initialized. Waiting for init.
17-02-12 07:43:30 WARNING (Thread-15) [pycec] Not initialized. Waiting for init.

i got the same error… I just have a Panasonic TV and an Apple TV connected over CEC

I should have posted an update earlier. The error is normal on startup, when CEC is getting initilized.

My CEC actually works fine now. Strangely, something about installing .39 seems to screw up CEC on my TV where it stops working completely (ive repeated this twice now with updating HASS). Unplugging my tv and letting it sit for a an hour or two seems to fix CEC. Really strange.