Pyhton script parameter as UI fields?

Is there a way, that not only the entity-parameter from Python scripts are shown in service-call UI in automations, scripts and developer tools, but others as well?

E.g. from the example


entity_id = data.get("entity_id")
rgb_color = data.get("rgb_color", [255, 255, 255])
if entity_id is not None:
    service_data = {"entity_id": entity_id, "rgb_color": rgb_color, "brightness": 255}"light", "turn_on", service_data, False)

with services.yaml

  name: Turn on light
  description: Turn on a specific light and set its color.
      description: The light that will be turned on.
      example: light.bedroom
      description: The color to which the light will be set.
      example: [255, 0, 0]

Then only for entity_id there is a input box, but not for rgb_color:


I expected that every parameter (and they are shown below in the description) provide then an UI-Input field, like in other services.

Something I do wrong or not (yet) support or how I can do this in another declaration in script and/(or services.yaml to have the other parameter as well?