Pylutron library

Hi, i just want to use lutron homeworks qs that is the same as radiora2 except the telnet prompt.
is it possible to add a python library in hassio ? how can i add my own component or share it with community?

Yes, you can create your own component. You’ll want to reference the Adding a new component section of the documentation to get started.

I have successfully created one custom component in the past and found the documentation helpful. I’m not super experienced with python so I looked at examples of other components on Home Assistant’s Github page to grab code snippets and see how other developers coded their components. If you have specific questions once you get started reach back out and we’ll try to guide you through the process.

How to import from package not installed on hassio

Hi Francois, I also have Homeworks QS and want to hook up HA to it. Did you have any luck finding a solution?

hi Patricio, not for now.