Python-3.5.6 bcrypt-3.1.5


@cyga , @miklosandras, @thy1225 have had issues with HomeAssistant-0.86.4 requiring newer bcrypt. bcrypt is only needed by python and python3, so I’ve got a single bump Pull-Request in at to move this along.

It would be awesome to get some confirmation when I’ve updated the python3-3.5.6 images at if you can test the new release as a fresh install and see how it improves your installation of a new HA. …if you can’t, I get that, don’t want to wipe away your HA install. If you do, please check the wheel version to confirm that bcrypt-3.1.5, not 3.1.4, is installed.

I can’t do the python3-3.6.8 because it’s not accepted by spksrc yet – that’s


Hello @chickenandporn, Thanks for your hardworking on this issue. I would like to confirm, that with with this spksrc, I could compile the python3 (3.5.6) package and homeassistant==0.86.4 (of course with bcrypt==3.1.5)

So now, I have the latest homeassistant with working cloud :slight_smile: Excellent work!

I added these to requirements.txt as they needed to compile:

Of course with export CFLAGS=-pthread to get a working Xiaomi Vacuum.


This fix will need to be two PRs:

  1. ( update bcrypt
  2. (TBA) update home assistant’s requirements.txt for aiohttp, cryptography, pycryptodome

Blocked right now ( on a build error for which I’ve posted a fix, so moving forward through that to test the update to bcrypt, then post a PR to the home assistant build.

In summary, the necessary code bits are being entered for acceptance, and this problem should not recur for others.

Feel free to comment on any of those links, or to watch the for updates, it’s an open world :slight_smile: