Python 3.6 / IKEA TRADFRI broken?


just tried to setup a TRADFRI Gateway, but unfortunately the installation fails presumably because my Python is too old (atleast according to the docs thats the reason for the

Setup failed for tradfri: Could not install all requirements.

Error. Unfortunately I dont find an explanation on how to upgrade to python 3 with the I am not really into the whole Linux/Docker (Whatever exactly that might be) stuff, but I assume all the usual stuff I find on the web will not work as i SSH into some kind of virtual environment? The topic I found on this sounds like there is a lot that could go wrong and its also half a year old with people mentioning “wonder how that will be handled in” so it might not fit my needs?

Any help or a pointer in a direction is appreaciated!

EDIT: Checking another part of the error message lead me to this Issue:

Can anyone confirm that the component is broken right now? Any way to do the steps mentioned in Post 2 in the Issue in

EDIT2: After upgrade to 0.60 they are showing up! Now I just needa get my bluetooth sensors to work onder 0.60…