Python based HomeAssistant configuration with PyScript

Hello everyone,

I would like to show you my project in which I am trying to completely avoid YAML-based automations and scripts and instead want to use Python entirely: GitHub - stevius10/HAConfig-as-PyCode: Event-driven programmatic Home Assistant configuration based on Python, leveraging declarative data structures

Readme may be a bit pretentious in places - thanks GPT, ha - but basically it is supposed to be that anyway: a programmatic event-based approach to home automation based on Python.

The project is only a few months old. I only have rudimentary Python knowledge myself, so I was looking for other repositories to have a look at, but as far as I have seen the PyScript community is not that big yet unfortunately. If you know about good repositories to learn from, I’d love to hear your recommendations!

On my agenda now are all the small programming projects for which I lacked the right environment. If you like to, I would love if you check out or follow my project. A daily executed task is to update the repository so I hope there be a lot of further progress in the repository.
Certainly not the optimal solution (unfortunately I can‘t recommend in general if you‘d ask me) , but hey, it’s a good way to fill some interesting hours (which actually means it’s really quite too much for just using it :smile:)

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