Python on HA


I’m a bit new on HA, I installed the supervised version on an Intel NUC.

Home Assistant OS 11.4 with core 2024.1.6.

I need python to install something, but there is no python on my system. I’m looking al over the internet if I can find how to get python, I’m lost, can’t find any solution.

I download a tar file, got all the files, want te run ./configure, but no compiler found.

So my question, how do I get python on my system?


If you are new to HA and also not sure about Python you are better off not installing Supervisor but HAOS or docker. These are much easier to install and maintain.

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That might be so, but I have what I have and I want to know how to get python on there.

Actually, whole HA is written in python, so python is definitely on the system. It is in the homeassistant container.

I understand that, then I phrase my question different.

Is that the reason that I got the message python not installed by typing python --version?

I need pip, as a part of python, to install something, but pip or pip3 is not on the system, how do I get pip installed?


Question : where do you type python --version ?

Do you use an attached keyboard and monitor to login to the HA OS console ?

Did you ssh in ? To the host OS on port 2222 or the HA container on port 22 ?

I installed terminal and SSH. I did that command in te terminal on my laptop.

So in the home assistant terminal.

Use advanced SSH & Web Terminal, not Terminal & SSH

The problem is that I’m apparently as root when I’m in the terminal.

I’ve the $ instead of your ~ as in your screenshot.

Official add-ons :

Community add-ons


How and When did this become a Problem ? … You will also be root even in the advanced terminal, just so you don’t find that odd, after you followed Francis advice

Maybe not that odd, but how come this is my reply for python --version

bash: python: command not found

What do you want to install on HAOS through python and why?
Whatever it is, there is a high chance that it won’t achieve what you hope.

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That doesn’t matter, I want to know now why I hav no python and pip.

If that’s working and my other think, too bad. For now only the python and pip option please

You are using the wrong add-on

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Tell me which one to use then…

This one, from the community add-ons

That helps, problem solved.

Other thing installed with pip.


Just so that it’s clear for you (and anyone else reading that thread in the future), everything that you installed via pip in the SSH addon / container will be lost the next time you restart it.

Maybe a stupid question, is the only possible option to login as root? I mean you always are root, is that true?