Python - pip requirements


I’m working on a custom component for media_player, you can check it here and here

I’m now creating a fork from HA and will work on a pull request for the integration of the component.
However in a fresh installation I want it to install automatically the dependency of beautifulsoup.

I added the following to the component:
REQUIREMENTS = ['beautifulsoup4==4.6.0']

But python/pip is not installing the requirements.

Any help on this ?

Thanks in advance

New dependencies have been added to requirements_all.txt by running script/


So i should remove that comment from the component and add the requirement to the requirements_all.txt.

Correct ?

The platform needs the REQUIREMENTS entry.

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Thanks. It’s working. Add to import inside a method.
Just did a new pull request :slight_smile:

Hi all, slightly off topic to the original OP but close enough to not create a new thread…
I can’t get the script to detect the requirements for my intesishome climate platform, although I have REQUIREMENTS defined in it.

Would appreciate any ideas on how to fix it.

Not sure why the script wasn’t detecting the requirement on my environment, but apparently it is in Travis, so I just needed to put the requirement in the correct place in the file (ordered by the requirement package name, not the platform/component name).