Python pip venv installation - missing hassio tab

I am a bit confused about installing process

It seems clear home assistant and hassio are 2 different “entities” that are meant to work together but, unfortunately , the installation instructions are not clear about adding hassio environment when/after installing homeassistant using pip therefore I am missing the hassio tab

How do one add hassio environment to a pip installed homeassistant ?
Can anyone please clarify and/or provide links to documentation for doing the following

install HA +HASSIO on a Linux server using pip and virtual environment

install HA + HASSIO on a linux server using containers

Many thanks

If you installed via Venv, you will not have a HassIO tab.

HA can run in venv or it can run on top of HassIO (in docker).

You can’t.

If you want hassio, you need to install hassio. You can’t add hassio capabilities to a venv installed instance of home assistant.

Thank you for taking the trouble to respond

So, just to clarify further

  1. both hassio and HA allows to manage devices - they ARE different products working the same way
  2. hassio allows managing addons easier ( from UI) but manual config is a more complicated
  3. HA require adding addons manually
  4. HA can be installed using pip while hassio requires using docker but both have easy installs on RAsberry PI

Would anyone be willing to confirm the above ?
It seems the main differences are related to installation

From a functionality perspective is there anything I am missing / should know ?


Hassio is ONE installation method of Home Assistant. Home Assistant is Home Assistant. Add-ons from hassio are other applications that work with Home Assistant, or are other services. They are all able to be replicated with any other installation method with some work and effort on your part.

addons are a Hassio-ONLY thing. Home Assistant is still Home Assistant, and everything thing you see in “integrations/components” page on the website are available on every instance of Home Assistant no matter how you installed it.




Basically understand that Home Assistant is the application. Hassio is one way to install home assistant in your network. The others are home assistant docker, or python virtual environment. Functionality of Home Assistant itself is the same across the board. Add-ons are merely other applications that ADD functionality, but are not required for Home Assistant to work as Home Assistant.