Python_script: "Each Python file ... will be exposed as a service"

In the docs for the the python_script integration its says:
" Each Python file created in the <config>/python_scripts/ folder will be exposed as a service."

Does this mean:

  • HA will automatically run, or try to run each of the .py scripts it finds in the python_scripts folder?

  • That any script in the python_scripts folder is available to be run as a service but that nothing will happen to any script in that folder until its called as a service?

The reason I ask is I have scripts in the python_scripts folder that I call via the commandline, is this a problem? Should I move them to a different folder (‘commandline_scripts’ say)?

Nothing is called unless you use it in a sensor or automation

If in doubt, write scripts that only define functions but not a __main__

Thank you for your help