Python version and updating

I am running 0.96.2 on a MacMini and want to upgrade to 0.97.

I understand there is a Python version issue.

Checking my Mac I see this:


I have two versions of Python (not uncommon apparently).

How can I be assured that HA will be using version 3.7.2 and not 2.7.1 before I start the update?

Home Assistant can not run with python 2.X, that’s how you can be sure :slight_smile:
Just upgrade the way you usually do it and it will be fine.

I read in the blog that this is the last version that will work with 2.x.

Is that incorrect?

Yes, HA has to my knowledge never been compatible with Python 2.X

Not sure if it’s the best, but one very good way is to use the Python Virtual Env. More info here.