Pyvizio Setup

Hoping someone can help me troubleshoot setting up my Vizio on Hassbian (

It’s a fresh install of hassbian, and I was able to successfully run the install
pip3 install git+

However, when I run

pyvizio --ip=0 --auth=0 discover
pyvizio --ip={} pair

I get a “command not found” error. Is there a prerequisite install or setting that I’m missing?

You only need to do this to get the auth code.

I had an error the first time and then I just tried it again.

First add this to your configuration.yaml if you have not already.

Vizio TV

  • platform: vizio
    host: (tv ip)
    access_token: (auth code)

Then do a true ssh root to your pi on port 22222 first then entered the docker image for the home assistant.

see here for how to do the true ssh: dev ssh

Only use the HassOS based instructions with the usb and shutdown openssh if you have it runing, otherwise you wont be able to connect to the pi on port 22222

Once you are in try to run these commands

command: login

command: docker ps

find the “CONTAINER ID” for “homeassistant” (could be raspberrypi3-homeassistant)

command: docker exec -it (id for homeassistant container) /bin/bash

now run the commands found here to get the auth code. only using the “Pairing” instructions.

Once you get the auth code copy it and close the ssh window because you do not need it anymore.

Add the ip of your tv, and the auth code to the code you added in your configuration.yaml I mentioned at the beginning.

Now if someone could tell me how to get google home to change the input on the tv through pyvizio that would be awesome.

google home through the new cloud integration will allow me to turn the tv on and off quicker than smart cast and change the volume although the command is called brightness. I would like to change the volume command and add the command to change input.

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Incredibly helpful! … Question about once you’re logged into the 22222 port of the hassos hassio root — do you actually need to download pyvizio? You mention to skip straight to the “pairing” steps, but those have a function that reference pyvizio.

Thanks in advance!

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Little late hopefully you got this working.

My paring broke after a vizio tv update.

I only true ssh into the Hassio to pair not to install pyvisio