PyWinIoT - Integrate your Windows computer with HA via MQTT

Hi all,
I would like to introduce my first project made for Home Assistant called PyWinIoT, my idea was to control some apps and know a little bit about my computer status with a simple code solution.

Project page:

I tried with IoTLink but I had a lot of issues with the service, so, I took my chances and here I am.
As I said at the beginning, it’s a simple lightweight code that allows you to know about CPU and RAM status and you can manage (run/stop) any Windows application.

It communicates with HA via MQTT protocol and it will be autodiscovered by the platform, just running the app.


The idea to make this project public is to allow anyone to feel free to collaborate with me. This is my first code in Python, so it could have some programming mistakes.

I hope you like it and be useful to you…


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