PZEM-016 with ESPHome, OLED display and 2 Outputs

I modified a PZEM-016 putting inside a Wemos D1 mini with ESPHome firmware and an oled display to show relevant readings. PZEM-016 has an rs485 interface, so to connect it to Wemos d1 rs485 chip must be removed and voltage level has to be shifted to 3.3V using two 2k2 resistors. I used A and B pin on the old rs485 connector to create two digital outputs that can be used ie to drive two relais module.

The project here:

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This is great!! Do you think that it will work with this one?


Unfortunately no. All peacefair meters with display doesn’t have serial output so can’t be used in combination with an esp8266 device. This is the reason why I added a display to a pzem-016.


Thanks again for sharing this project, I would definitively work on this soon.

Hi, I want to ask will it work with PZEM-017?

Yes it will definitely work and if you do not want to remove the chip, use a 485 to TTL converter

hello, I tried to make the change on the pzem-016 but I can’t get any output value on home-assistant.
I tried to reverse tx and rx as recommended by someone but nothing changes.
Is it possible to check in another way if some value is produced on the 2 pins to test if the pzem is working?
Thank you