Q: How to automate/schedule Mochad light entity?

New user to HA. I have enabled MOCHAD integration and manually defined numerous named mochad “Lights” e.g.: light.my_light, in configuration.yaml. These show up in Lovelace and I can turn them on/off manually.

I cannot figure out how to create an automation to schedule these since the lights are listed as an “Entity” and there is no pull-down “Entity” list in the action section in the GUI.

Do I need to define the automation manually in configuration.yaml and what documentation should I read to figure this out.

if you use a state trigger, you can choose entities.

Thanks… I also found that in the automation GUI “Action” section if you select “Call Service” the list is included in the Name(s) pull-down.


Guess I need to brush up on HA terminology and definitions!