Q regarding LED Hardware setup


I am not 100% sure about my LED HW Setup and I would love if someone could confirm:

Light a room using RGB CCT LED Strips
Turn on via Switch or HA
Color Temp / Color depending on time of day or HA-Event

Planned Setup:
ZigBee Light switch → dumb 220V/24V LED Driver → ZigBee 6Pin LED controller → LED Strip

Should be OK?!

Another Question:
Would it be possible to use the exact same setup but instead of the RGB-CCT strip I use one CCT strip and one RGB strip?

Yeah that the hardware I’m setting up.
Just make sure you’ve balanced your load: watts per metre multiplied by length. Then make sure the dumb transformer has 20% headroom over that.

You can put a CCT and rgb strip into the same controller, but it’ll only activate one at a time: if you adjust temp it’ll kill the rgb strip and vice versa. At least on the 2 types I’ve used.

What controllers are you using?
I’m about to buy a load a Athom ones because they come with tasmota.
But they only do an rgb version so far.
Tech support ssid they’re working on a CCT.

Thanks for your input!

I am not yet sure what products to use since I am still just planning what to do. I would love to get a few recommendations for cheap quality LED Strips possibly from AliExpress but so far I didnt get any answers to my other help thread.
I am also not yet sure if I should use RGB CCT strips all over or use CCT strips everywhere and just add some RGB strips where needed.

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

I’ve just got a load of side view black neon flex made up by Ledyi in China:


RGB+CCT wasn’t available in this style of flex, so for my bathroom I did the verticals in CCT and horizontals in RGB. The other rooms, where they don’t need to be ip68 rated, I’ll be using a mix of addressable RGBW, RGB+CCT and CCT strips. Different effects for different uses.

I’ve only bought my bathroom lights so far so that’s all I can advise on I’m afraid.