Qbittorrent integration flaky?

I turned on the qbittorrent integration in HA, and I’ve noticed that it seems kind of flaky.
Specifically, the status becomes “unavailable” every few minutes, and then comes back.
For example, Here is the screenshot of the status history from today:

All those black lines are “unavailable”. Blue is “idle”.

I’m not sure where to look to see if it is generating any logs or anything, but it has been this way since I set it up a few weeks ago. The machine (and qbt running on it), is completely stable, as far as I can tell. Not sure why there would be any connectivity issues between HA and qbt. The machines are both on the same subnet, plugged into the same switch, can ping each other reliably, etc… The web service never acts flaky when I use it myself.

The only thing that isn’t completely normal is that the windows 10 machine running qbt is a virtualbox vm running on a linux machine, but again… bot the linux box and the vm inside it seem completely stable and responsive in every other respect.

Does anyone know any fixes for this, or is anyone else seeing the same behavior?