Qnap Container Station Bluetooth


From the Bluetooth integration notes it looks like I need the following:-

When starting with docker run , this can be accomplished by adding -v /run/dbus:/run/dbus:ro to the command

I have absolutely no idea how to do this using the configuration available to me in QNap’s Container Station (and I don’t want to revert to having to use CLI or alternative solutions to run things).

Can anybody tell me how this can be done please ?

Did you ever solve your problem. I am trying to use a bluetooth device in the container on a QNAP but have no idea how to do this. Isn’t the Bluetooth integration suppose to find the adaptor automatically ?

Can anybody help us ?

No luck here I’m afraid…I’ve given up for the time being. Sorry!

Looks like I"ll have to give up as well. I tried with 2 different bluetooth sticks but the QNAP didn’t recognise them. I’Ve also put a post on the QNAP website. If I get an answer I’ll post it here.

I’m not sure but i think that the problem is the DBus version on QNAP.
I have one as well but i can’t use the DBus 1.14 version.

At first, i was at the version 1.4 and after using the last version available on OPKG 1.13.x, it still does not work.
(opkg (entware) is installed with the App library QNAP club repository)

The interesting thing is that I’m currently using a Bluetooth USB adapter on other Docker containers in Container Station (which then transmit the data to Home Assistant), but I’m not able to get the Bluetooth component of Home Assistant to recognize the Bluetooth adapter.