QNAP Home Assistant folder location

I have HA installed on a Pi which im quite happy with. But I have recently bought a QNAP NAS and have been playing around with the Apps there. I have come across the HA app and it installs fine and I can get to it via the port easy enough.

My problem is I have no idea where to fine the folder location to put my current Pi setup in.

Any QNAP NAS Home Assistant people out there that can help out?

I’ll answer my own question in case it helps someone else.

The About page will give you the folder location, e.g.
Path to configuration.yaml: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/Home-Assistant/CONFIG_DIR

But that path wasn’t visible in my NAS. I have to go to Control Panel - Shared Folders - create - create a name then select manual path and drill down to the folder and share it.

Now you can find the folder.

Thanks for coming back with the solution - I’ve just bought a house and plan to get a QNAP NAS. How do you rate it vs the Synology ones?

I’ve got a qnap- I got it installed but struggled with making much progress with it… or customizing at all…

So I’ve installed on my Mac just to get everything configured correctly then I’ll port it over.

My my reading though it’s a bit of a nightmare to setup on a qnap especially if you want to use z wave sticks etc… for $50 just get a pi and use that… marginal extra cost all things considered for a lot less pain and heartache (if your anything like me and struggle wit getting things setup) the extra power usage of a pi is also negligible, if that was a concern.

I’m going to go down the pi route - more support on the forums etc too!

This is the First NAS I’ve owned so I can’t really offer a comparison. Umart had a special on the TS-251 and it had some positive reviews. Set-up of the NAS itself was easy enough. My only advice is if you buy one and it only has 1gig of ram buy more, it makes a world of difference, especially for the Plex server.

I originally had Sonarr and NZBget on one Pi and HA on another but have since moved Sonarr and NZBget to the NAS. I agree with Stewface in that zwave looks to be difficult to get working on the NAS. I only installed HA on my NAS because I saw it there.

All the above applications aren’t in the QNAP official store though. I used the forums and recently found http://www.qnapclub.eu/

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