QNAP NAS T-231+ running HA in a docker container loses HUSBZB-1 USB Stick access on firmware upgrade

I am running homeassistant version 100 on a docker (“container station”) on a QNAP NAP T-231+. I had to add putty to telnet in, then add a kernel command to get the stick to work initially.

I upgraded the NAS firmware and lost my zwave and zha devices on reboot.

Apparently it didn’t keep my kernel addition on reboot. Maybe the firmware addition wiped it?

So, I reran the following shell command and everything came back on eventually after restarting the docker container and then home assistant.

I had this same issue on initial install.

Here’s a link to the article that gave me the original fix.

Basically, telnet in and run “insmod /usr/local/modules/cp210x.ko”

The issue is that the NAS doesn’t see the usb stick. Now I have to figure out how to run that script on startup.

Did you ever figure out how to run that on startup?