QNAP-NAS + Zigbee + Wifi (2.4G) units

Can they “work together”?

Our setup:

  • My son has made Home-Assistant running, in a virtual-machine, on my QNAP-NAS.
  • Plus a working Sonoff Zigbee-Dongle (more zigbee-units have been fiddled, to work).
  • And we have a well-covering Wifi-Mesh in our home.


  • I am in doubt…
  • Whether the units can work seamless together.
  • Specifically: A “Wifi 2.4G” remote (Miboxer FUT89 or FUT100) - AND - Zigbee-units.

Since I am not the “super-user” and we don’t want to buy and not be able to use… then I am asking here.
Will the “wifi-2.4G remote” be able to control the “zigbee units”, in our “QNAP-NAS + virtualisation-station + Zigbee-dongle + wifi-mesh” setup … of course the QNAP is connected to the same LAN as our Wifi-Mesh is.

In advance: Thanks fro your help

I do not have that remote so cannot say specifically but, If both are integrated into HA, it should work. I write ‘should’ because it does depend whether their respective HA integrations allows for control as well as sensing.

You larger potential issue is ensuring Zigbee doesn’t interfere with 2.4GHz WIFI so make sure their channels don’t overlap.

guess the real problem then, is the advanced touch-sliders on the remote.
(since the remote is quite advanced & new … and the drivers for HA is probably not able to “simulate” a native MiBoxer “slider”)
(see the image)

(because the 2.4G freq-overlap, is not a big issue)