Qolsys iq4 integration help please!

Crap, then i screw that up, I put my user name and password. Should i erase integration and re add it again?

Did it actually accept the username/password change?


But then I erased broker and recreated with new configuration in MQTT and it shows original stuff.

I restart daemon.

Following configurations for the qolsysgw:

I have to pass this to the: /config/appdaemon/apps/apps.yaml


and change ip address for the panel and input generated token?

That is correct.

Ok, I will do this when i get home, I been playing with all this remotely. Thank you very much. is there anything else i have to do after i input those?

As long as everything else is setup properly, then no.

ok great, fingers cross. I let you know later when i get home. are you going to be on later in the evening?

I’ll get a notification when you post.

ok. is there a detail explanation of step by step of everything we just did. I’m so new to this.

The documentation linked in the official instructions for the Qolsys integration are a good start.

Have you been using this personally ? does it work pretty good?

Yes and yes.

ok, what do you exactly get to control on the iq4?

I also receive some kind cant connect message in 127.0.0… ip address probably because i have not completed that file?

Where are you seeing the error message?

You can arm/disarm for control. Connected devices are pulled in as sensors along with a sensor to show if the alarm is triggered.

I did not catch entire error message. what is the best way to test if everything is working?

Once you get the AppDaemon apps file updated, you should get a new device created for the panel which will list the current status of everything.

Ok, then i don’t think its working.

Open the UI of AppDaemon and see if you see the panel there:

If not, check the logs for the AppDaemon add-on and see if there are any errors.

I see what you see but i dont have any call backs shows 0