Qolsys iq4 integration help please!

That reads like AppDaemon is failing to connect to the panel. Are you sure you enabled everything on the panel from the instructions?

when i went to the panel control4 was disabled, not sure why. token was the same. i enable it reboot panel and reboot homeassistant. now everything is working!! thank you thank you!!

Do you know if there is a way to create morning scenes to disarm the stem ? how do i enter disarm code automatically?

You can edit the config under the apps.yaml and add the “panel_user_code” line.

  module: gateway
  class: QolsysGateway
  panel_host: xx.xx.xx.xx
  panel_token: xxxxxx
  panel_mac: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
  panel_user_code: xxxx
  arm_away_exit_delay: 0
  arm_stay_exit_delay: 0
  arm_away_bypass: true
  arm_stay_bypass: true

The full options list is here:

Yes I have seen that option. Thank you but that would take the keypad away. Can you have both ?

Yes you can.

How do i set that up.

What do you mean? You just add the code line to the YAML.file like I posted above. That’s it.

I’m sorry. yes I have it set up like that but it will take the keypad away. Can i have both auto disarm and key pad?

Also can multiple user have multiple panel codes saved in yaml file.

Thank you

I presume you mean keypad in HA. I’ve never used it. I setup a separate user on the panel for the HA integration. No one has access to my HA instance that shouldn’t have access to the panel.

I’m not sure about having more than one code. I presume not. You’d have to ask the author of the integration.

That is great idea, to have separate code for this. setting up now. Thank you

Also when I look in my unifi network my panel has a weird IP address now, not in my address range. it is 10.103.xx.xxx is that normal?

Is there anything out there to get alarm.com cameras and SVR on home assistant?

I honestly have no clue to either of those.

Well, Thank you for all your help. I assume you at one point used alarm.com Do you miss it or you like HA better?

Do you know of any cool themes to make the app phone look nicer?

Thank you again for all your time and help today. I would not figure this out with out your help!

I like HA better, but I’ve never used the HA alarm.com integration. I was on a different platform up to about two months ago. I had the direct panel integration setup there too.

The direct integration in general is better. Sensors update instantly and the same for setting/disarming the alarm. I still have the ADC app setup just for confirmation that the panel status is in sync with their cloud. I can set the alarm from HA, the panel immediately updates, but it still takes another minute or two for the notification from the app.

I just use the generic dark theme.

I just got feed up with alarm.com not be able to handle external devices as well and freedom using anybody with them.

I have to say home assistance is taking a little bit to learn.

do you have cameras? What do you use? Did you move your alarm.com thermostat? or you using someone else?

I have Ecobee thermostats and like burning money so they’re on a static schedule and not even pulled into HA.

I have Nest cameras, also not in HA, and it’s a love/hate relationship.


Quick question for you. I have quite a few call services set up for notifications that come through my qolsys panel. When I reboot my home assistant when it comes back on line it will send me every available notification that I set up for qolsys is that normal ?

That has not been my experience. I usually just see “unavailable” while AppDaemon is starting up and then it flips to the current state. I only have a single automation for notifications.

alias: Alarm Notification
description: ""
  - platform: state
      - alarm_control_panel.house
condition: []
  - service: notify.all_mobile_apps
      message: The alarm has changed to "{{ states('alarm_control_panel.house') }}."
mode: single

Hmm, I wonder if I screw something up setting it up.

What do your notifications look like?

Just bunch of notifications at are same time just like I would actually open my door or window. But all at the same time