QSYS QRC Integration

Hi Everyone,

I found this integration: GitHub - nkvoll/home-assistant-qsys-qrc: Home Assistant Q-Sys QRC integration
It’s for the QSYS Control of Audio components.
I could integrate this as a custome component and could connect to my Core Nano

I now want to setup the external controls to control the processor from HA.

With the example page I could setup a mute toggle.

For this in the Configuration.yaml I setup:

        poll_interval: 1.0
        request_timeout: 5.0

        - component: IN.BAD-DG
          control: mute

Now I want to integrate a selector (INPUT 1-7) in the same way.
I tried this with the number Plattform form the example page but this does not work:

        - component: Router_7x7
          control: Output 1
          min: 1
          max: 7
          step: 1

Any idea how to do this? Attached a screenshot from the QSYS-Designer

Thanks S

Hi @s25a, author of that integration here.

It looks to me like the control name is wrong. To find the right control name, use “Tools → View Component Controls Info” then select your component. See example screenshot.

In this case, I think the control you’re after is named select.1. Can you try that and check back?