[Quality of Life] Allow "Intents Sentence Syntax" in Aliases

Hi everyone,

Right now I give all my devices some aliases for Assist. I did add some custom intents to my my “custom_sentences/de/custom-sentences.yaml” so I understand the syntax of it and it worked in my .yaml and automations pretty well.

For better understanding what Syntax I mean here the official github “light_HassTurnOn.yaml”

So I did similiar Syntax in my Aliases, but if so Assist didn’t parse my devices correctly anymore

The picture above doesn’t work. Instead of writing 2 Aliases as in this example I have to write 10 to make it working:

  1. Soundbar
  2. Dolby Soundbar
  3. Atmos Soundbar
  4. Dolby Atmos Soundbar
  5. Soundanlage
  6. Dolby Soundanlage
  7. Atmos Soundanlage
  8. Dolby Atmos Soundanlage
  9. Dolby Anlage
  10. Atmos Anlage

It could be even more rows if I add “Surround” and “Soundsystem” to the possible Aliases.

Is it possible to add this feature?