Quantum Gateway keeps saying “Unable to scan devices”

I have the quantum_gateway integration set up for my Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway, and it was working well until the gateway went bad and I swapped it out for the same model. I got it working again, but now the tracking update speed for devices is rather slow, and I keep getting this error message in the log:

Unable to scan devices. Check connection to router

Both the HA on RPi4 and the gateway have been restarted and have the latest updates as of 10/23/20.

Both devices show up on the network (wired LAN) just fine.

Any suggestions what might be causing this or how to troubleshoot?


Logger: homeassistant.components.quantum_gateway.device_tracker
Source: components/quantum_gateway/device_tracker.py:65
Integration: quantum_gateway (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 9:23:36 AM (27 occurrences)
Last logged: 11:18:56 AM

Unable to scan devices. Check connection to router