Qubino 3 Phase Smart Meter config


I have just installed the Qubino 3-phase smart meter. My goal is to be able to measure:

  1. What I am producing through my solar panels,
  2. What I am consuming
  3. What I am buying from / selling to the grid.

Through the energy dashboard, I indeed only see what I am producing (total not giving me indication of what I am consuming from this and what I am returning to the grid) and what I am buying.

Is this a limitation of the device or a misconfiguration ? I was told by the Qubino support team that I should be able to do the above scenario.



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Same problem here. Inverter gives me readouts of energy produced. Qubino gives me total energy consumed (sum od bying and selling to the grid). I dont see seperate values for buying and selling.