Qubino Flush Dimmer input 2

I’m trying to get Home Assistant to recognize a short push on a mono-stable wall button connected to input 2 (I2) on a Qubino Flush Dimmer. I2 is confgured as binary sensor (parameter 100 set to 9) and Group 5 asscociated with the Z-Wave stick. No state changes are registered until the button is held for 4-5 secs which makes the feature pretty useless.

Tested both the standard Z-Wave integration and the OpenZWave beta integration with the same result. Though, the short push is detected within the integration (see screenshot from the ozw log in the OpenZWave integration below) but I don’t know if I can catch this somehow in Home Assistant to use in an automation?

Same here: connected Qubino Flush Dimmer and using I2 as binary sensor on a switch. I can see the state changes in the Z-wave JS UI log file:

[Binary Sensor] Any: metadata updated [Endpoint 0]
[~] [Binary Sensor] Any: false => true [Endpoint 0]

[Binary Sensor] Any: metadata updated [Endpoint 0]
[~] [Binary Sensor] Any: true => false [Endpoint 0]

Also, the binary_sensor entity of the dimmer device has been enabled, but there are no state changes visible here so it cannot be used as trigger. On the other hand, the motion_detection entity is coming through.

What am I overlooking here? Anyone got this working?

It’s a firmware issue. You have to press it for about 4 seconds to get it through.