Qubino SmartPlug stops accumulated measuring once reached 429.4 kWh

I have several Qubino 16A smartplugs installed. They all stops measuring accumulated usage once reaching 429.4 kWh. They still shows the current (W) usage tho. The only way for me to get them started again is to do a factory reset and readd them to HA. Has anyone else had this issue and been able to solve it?

I can tell you later this year :slight_smile: I have some, but the most used one is now at 178 kWh…

I would contact Qubino support and ask about that.

Instead of factory resetting, try and use the zwave_js.reset_meter service call first. If the device supports meter resets, that will reset the values back to 0.

That’s 2^32 with a precision of 0.0001Wh — the internal counter is reaching its maximum value. There’s nothing in the user manual that gives any indication how to reset this.

Perhaps you need to get HA to measure the energy used and ignore the value from the plug. However, this number will also grow without bounds: how long are you wanting to record it for?

I created a support ticket at Qubino. Got a reply after 10 minutes that this issue was fixed in a newer firmware. Got a link to the Silicon Labs software that I could use to do a OTA, and also was the new firmware atttached.
Will try an update as soon as possible.

can you tell us, which firmware are you running now and which they did send? So we can determine, if we have this problem too… :wink:

I was running 41.06 the new one is 41.10

For anyone, who may be interested.

Now HA ZwaveJS supports OTA updates, I just successfully updated my Qubino 16A plugs directly from HA 41.06 → 41.10.