Queensland Fuel Prices Integration

Hey all

Would anyone be interested in helping me get data from the FuelPricesQld API into an integration? I don’t know how to start the process.

I have access to the API (free for data consumers), and have retrieved the data I would like to build into HA via Postman (daily prices for my fuel type for all local service stations). The data comes back in json format… Looking at this I think it may be fairly straight forward for someone who knows what they are doing…

The following request provides the data I want

This would need to be combined with this request to get friendly names for the site ids

I imagine the end result could be set up via the gui, users add in their API after applying for one, and then set their GeoRegionLevel / GeoRegionID / FuelID (could add multiple) etc and it can create entities for each station / price.


Hi, found this old post. I have actually written and integration for Qld but the datafeed/API I was using has been shutdown. I’d be happy to work with you on using the feed you spoke about, I tried your links but they failed to return a response. -Tony.


Those links don’t work outside of using Postman or something to interrogate the API with authorisation.

To get access to the API start here - https://www.fuelpricesqld.com.au/. Can fill in the following form and you’ll get an email with API access and instructions to get the data in Postman. I can’t get the swagger stuff to do anything.

anyone progress further here? I saw someone in the Australian FB group get it going but didnt’ share the code only screenshots… I have my API from https://www.fuelpricesqld.com.au/ but not sure how to progress… very green on all this stuff.