Question about beginners guide

Hello everybody, I’m about to set off on a Home Assistant-journey. I have ordered a RPi4 4GB with everything needed, and when it arrives, it will begin :slight_smile:

To get me started, I am looking for a beginner-friendly step-by-step guide. I am currently running Domoticz, which (I’m guessing) has a different structure for setting it up.

What the first thing will be what I want to do after I install HA, is probably setting up my RFXCom RfxTrx433E (USB) to be able to switch on/off some KAKU-lights.

Any suggestions?

I think this is a great go to post. If you click on the different methods you will see the install guides.

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Will check this out! Thanks!

So I checked it out, and this guide is the actual installation of Home Assistent. Is there also something that shows me what to do once HA is up and running? I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to get it that far with this, but I’m struggling a bit in finding how I should add my RFXcom and the KAKU-lights after that.

I would recommend you install HA and get familiar with what integrations are and how they work / are set up.

Did you read the docs for RFXcom?

I am installing it when I get the RPi for sure.

I did read this, but I am still confused. It talks about configuration files, but I can’t find where to put them. Also, I’m stille not quite sure how I can add my lights… It is extremely technical documentation, which I understand that it has to be, but for a starting user it is not very easy to read I’m afraid.

The RfxCOM is a bit more hands-on than in Domoticz, you have to work with event codes and general settings like which protocol you want to enable/disable you cannot set inside HA, you need rfxmngr for that. Best thing is to install HA, get familiar with configuration files and try to add a basic rfxtrx integration (configure USB or Host/Port settings) and set the key automatic_add to true. Then see what happens inside HA when you push a button on your KaKu. As you go along, specific questions may pop-up, but it’s hard to get understanding when you haven’t played around with an installation and have a grasp of how things work inside HA.

Okay, will try it then! Probably will be asking more questions later on :slight_smile: