Question about calendar and time variables

Hi, I’ve never coded with python/jinja before and I’m trying to learn as I go. I’m using the google calendar integration and I have two types of appointments, ones at 12pm and ones at 2pm. I want to create a trigger to alert me of an upcoming calendar event but want the offset to be dependent on the time of the appointment.

I have:

{% if state_attr('calendar.khisanthax_gmail_com', 'start_time') == '12:00' %}
{% endif %}

Any help on what I’m doing wrong?

Look at Developer Tools / Template. What does this give you? Is it actually the string 12:00?

{{ state_attr('calendar.khisanthax_gmail_com', 'start_time')  }}

Your template returns nothing if the attribute is not 12:00. How are you “creating a trigger” and what is the 2 for? If this is an automation trigger, and you have confirmed the attribute’s content, you want:

  - platform: state
    entity_id: calendar.khisanthax_gmail_com
    attribute: start_time
    state: '12:00'

Hi, thank you for replying.

I was using:
{{ state_attr('calendar.khisanthax_gmail_com', 'start_time') }}

and I didn’t realize it was giving me:
2024-03-22 14:00:00

So, I used

{% if state_attr('calendar.khisanthax_gmail_com', 'start_time')[11:16] == '12:00' %}

And the split matched what I was inputting. So, no, what I was using was not actually matching. Sigh, a lot to learn.

The 2 was just an output so that in the developer tools /template I could see if it was actually matching true or not.

I was trying to create a variable for the offset time in trigger for a calendar event (if that’s said right). I realize that it’s not that useful but I really wanted to do it more for learning. This is what I ended up with:

{% if state_attr('calendar.khisanthax_gmail_com', 'start_time')[11:16] == '12:00' %}
{% elif state_attr('calendar.khisanthax_gmail_com', 'start_time')[11:16] == '14:00'%}
{% endif %}
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Still returns None if neither case is true: probably want an else default case.