Question about changes in bluetooth_tracker behaviour across HA versions

I’ve recently “resestup” homeassistant (0.115.2) after not updating my ver. 0.83 Hassio was ignored for too long. My install is on a RPI 3B+ which works well.

I’m seeing big differences between the OLD behaviour of the bluetooth_tracker and the NEW version of the bluetooth_tracker.

Specifically - my old hassio had the good behaviour of adding every bluetooth device it saw to the known_devices.yaml file. My updated 0.115 integration only adds devices that actively search.

Is this a new thing ? I very much like having the original behaviour. Is there a way to enable that in the current implementations?


Answering my own question now. The functionality I was expecting is a feature of bluetooth_le_tracker. When I enabled that I started seeing the bluetooth data for all active bluetooth devices.

The reason this is important to me is that I plan to install a HA instance at an isolated cottage. Detection of unexpected bluetooth devices around my cottage may help alert me to unwanted snoopers on the property.

Thanks for listening to me talk to myself.