Question about custom components

Hi friends,

With the custom components, would I be able to do something like this here on github:

Its for sending wiegand HID data to an MQTT server, I would love to use ESPHome on my wiegand ESP so that I can monitor uptime and such, but I believe it relies on hardware interrupts…

Is this kind of component possible with ESPHome?

If it -should- be ill give it a go, but Im worried that it wont work because of how ESPHome runs / uses components

Hum I don’t see any reason you would not be able to include it as custom component but I think you might have more chance using the Generic Custom component or if you feel able to do it, develop a new integration for ESPHome for that NFC reader :wink:

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ill give it a go then and see how it turns out…

its not a single reader, its a protocol that many readers use :slight_smile: and its not NFC (13.56Mhz ISO1443A), but more commonly for low frequency RFID around 125Khz!

I was just worried that because of the way it works using hardware interrupts it might not work… ill see how I go though !

I’m interest of reading a bit more on this.
Ive buy a Retekess keypad w/ rfid and would like to connect it with esphome to home assistant.
To be honnest, im more interest about the keypad than the rfid part of this projecf.
Maybe this protocol can help me to connect the keypad to my esp32?

Hi, unfortunately it seems that not so many people are interested in wiegand devices :(. There is a very good library that works in arduino (monkeyboard) but i have not enough skills to create a custom component starting from it. An esphome user created a custom component but it does not work for me.

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