Question about HAOS version updates

Hey, Im pretty new to using home assistant and got a question about the “update to new version” inside HA.
Im running Home Assistant on a RPi 4 and everything works smoothly as it should.

A week or two back there was a notification that a new version of HA was available so I decided to upgrade it. It ended up with pretty much everything broke. I also use google drive backup addon but I couldnt even restore a backup in the new version of HA as I constantly was stuck in “HA is starting up”.

Only thing I could do with the little knowledge I got was to start from scratch and reinstall everyhing, including the raspberry.

Here we are again with a new update available but I’m a bit hesitant to update, if it aint broken leave it alone, right?

Any suggestion on how to avoid this from happening again if I want to update the version of HA?


Not in this case.

Sooner or later you will need to update, either due to a security patch or some fancy new feature you want. The further you fall behind the harder it becomes to update due to the overwhelmingly large number of breaking changes.

What you experienced is not typical. Even so, you did good by having a backup off your system.

Read the release notes, make any changes required by the list of breaking changes. Backup off your system and then update.

This happens once a month.

Thanks so much for the reply! :slight_smile: