Question about Lutron Caseta Diva

Ok, so I have one Lutron Caseta Diva Smart Switch with the dimmer (the newest model) on my bathroom light switch and it works amazingly. I don’t really care about the dimmer, it controls standard light and an LED vanity light and links to HA.

My question is I have a Kitchen wall switch which controls an overhead LED kitchen light and a standard light, the rub is that the standard light has a fan. I do not want the switch to actually control the fan, just the two lights on and off. I know the dimmer model says it won’t do fans, but can I still put the switch here just for the on off?

I did replace the switch with an Aqara on\off smart switch and while it does work, my eco system is more Smart Things and Home Assistant, and I can’t seem to get the Wall Switch into Home assistant via Aqara, plus I don’t really like the “click” of the Aqara switch and it feels kind of cheap if I’m being honest. I did manage to get the Aqara kitchen light switch paired to Smart Things with the edge driver, but it kept losing connection\pair. It is currently connected to an Aqara hub which keeps connection, but this unpaired it to Smart Things where HA could see it.

The final wrench is it is an older house, so it has to be a No Neutral Required smart switch which is why I went with Lutron for the bathroom. This is my last light to smartify and since the overhead kitchen light is an LED, I can’t just use smart bulbs.